Mature lonely Lady From Pune

mature lonely lady from pune

Beautiful Erotic real story of Mature lonely Lady From Pune English sex stories, XXX stories. Me and my friends left to Ratnagiri to my relative’s place after we were done by Goa’s trip we spend a day there and at night we planned to leave for Pune. We were at bus stand to find any public transport to go back Pune. As there were Diwali vacations it was almost impossible to find.

At the same time an attractive lady with brown eyes, red lips, perfectly sculptured body, long black hairs and matt glowing skin tone wearing a purple skirt till knees and white shirt with black heels and decent jewelry was standing next to her my friend asked her were was she heading to? She replied ”Pune” they had a casual talk and it was 11:30 there was no hope for bus and me and my friend planned to check in at nearby hotel and leave next day. That time a sharing cab came in front us it was heading to Pune the driver said he’ll take 700rs per head me and my friend agreed and as there was no other mean to travel the lady even joined us without hesitation. My friend sat next to the driver seat and me and the lady sat on the back seat. After a while my friend went to sleep and me and the beautiful lady started to gossip.

I was very comfortable to talk to her and I had no intentions of sleeping with her as my sex life with my girlfriend was at its best. We talked for at least an hour then later there was deep silence in the car. I tried to remove my earphones from my jean’s pocket as it was a lil tight I bent sideways and my knee was rubbing her lap I didn’t noticed this. I plugged the earphones and was listening to the music and I offered her a earphone to listen she took one. There were retro songs on my list and she was enjoying it and unfortunately my battery was about to die and I turned off the music. Again we started to talk we shared about each other like where we stay and what we do. I came to know that she stays in my locality and I asked the driver to drop us near our home he agreed.

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I asked her about her married life as she was an grown up woman in appearance, she answered with a sad face ” my husband died 8 years back and I have a daughter she in 14 years old admitted to a hostel in Panchgani as there is no one to take care of her at home as I’m a working lady” I replied ”sorry” she grinned happily and said she is sharing such things with someone after a long time in return I placed my hand on her thigh and smiled with words I appreciate the way you handled yourself in difficult time” she took it as a green signal from my side but still I had no intentions to get laid with her. We both were comfortable with each other and became frank towards each other too early it was six hours of journey and now we had passed one hour as I was tired I greeted her good night and went to sleep after some time I could feel a hand rubbing my tool I immediately opened my eyes slightly and saw the lady caressing my tool above the jeans and it got a hard erection.

I pretended to be asleep and she gathered the courage and unzipped my jeans and she removed my tool out of the jeans. My tool was now in her hand, nobody was able to see this as i had took a shawl on my body and I was enjoying this, my dick was first time being handled by an aunty. Then I Opened my eyes widely and stared at her she was frozen I gave a big smile to her and asked whether she would like to share the shawl with me i don’t wanted the driver to notice our act at the backseat, without hesitating she joined me in the shawl we were whispering in our ears.

Lady: i have never been with anyone since my husband’s death

Me: I’m glad that i got the opportunity (planted the kiss on her neck)

Lady: would it be forever?
Me: till the day I’m alive

She pinched me on my penis as thanks. I started to unbutton her shirt inside the shawl now I was touching her 34d sized boobs over the bra. I wasn’t in full thrill as i don’t want the driver to notice. Then I searched for the bra clip and unhooked it. She removed the bra slowly and carefully. I was circling her nipples, squeezing her breast and sometimes pinching her nipples. She was enjoying it. We couldn’t go further as were in car with the driver so we kept this going. Now there were 3 hours left to reach the Pune I asked the driver to take a halt at a place where i can buy cigarettes and have some meal. Within a mile he stopped the car at a hotel till the time we both dressed our self in proper manner. She kept her bra in handbag and I wore the shawl to hide the stains of my juice over the jeans. I asked my friend to wake up but he refused he was in the car itself. I told the driver to take as much time as he wants cuz i wanted privacy with the lady. Driver went inside the restaurant to have tea and the lady joined me to the cigarette shop it was a bit far from restaurant. We bought cigarettes, cold drinks and chips. We were seating near the cigarette shop itself on a bench it was dark there and no one could notice us I lit my cigarette and offered her one she took one then our conversation started.

Lady: I love you dear
Me: as if I hate you miss

Lady: my name is Rachel

Me: u can call me yours
(She touched my lips and was moving her thumb on it)

We both threw the cigarette and within a second we both were kissing passionately she had a strong grip on my back and hairs her boobs were ironed by my chest my hand was rubbing her back and other was inside her skirt on her pussy it was wet I rubbed it gently and she started to suck my tongue and bite my lips eventually i asked her to remove her panty she did it within a second I touched it above the skirt and said ” is it mine?” she touched my dick above the jeans and ”only if this is mine!” I gave her a tight hug and was caressing her round ass with one hand. Then we stopped and came back near the car the driver was still not here i lit my cigarette and we were acting normal. Then after 5 mins the driver came i thanked him for halting at such a lovely place and we continued our journey. It wasn’t possible for us to go further than caressing each other; we were not able to kiss too. Finally it was Pune. We dropped my friend in Katraj said him good bye and asked the driver to leave us at nibm. Now i was in front seat to act normal in front of driver. We came to nibm; i paid the allowance and now we both were all free to be wild. She asked me to join her at her place as it was impossible to take her my home. We both went to her place. It was 1bhk sufficient for her and her daughter well designed i gave a compliment to her saying ” your place is beautiful but not more than you” she grinned and asked me to take a shower i replied ” why don’t we both do it together?” she was excited and we both went in the bathroom now finally her body was going to be revealed to me.

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She wasn’t wearing undergarment as she removed it in the journey itself. I wanted everything to happen in a lovely way. So i turned on the shower we both became wet. I removed my shirt and threw it in the corner. Then my jeans, i was in my underwear itself and she was still in her skirt and shirt.

I kissed the nipple above the shirt she started to moan then I removed her shirt! Wow! It was perfect pair of boobs 34d sized with brown nipples I was astonished i started sucking the left boob and squeezing the right one. She was too turned on she inserted her hand in my underwear took my dick and said ”now my turn”. She landed on her knees and removed my underwear with her teeth and started kissing my dick, she was excellent while doing so first she was kissing the tip then the balls now she was sucking my balls then she started teasing me she was rubbing the tip on her lips. I said ” now or never” she immediately took the whole tool at once in her mouth till the throat she was sucking it slowly in gentle way. Omg it was amazing under the hot shower I was getting a blow job finally I came inside her mouth she drank every drop like a thirsty bird.

Now i went to her skirt’s zipper and unzipped it! I was glad to see the shaved pink pussy with juicy lips she said ”it is your asset punish her as much as you want” i kissed her pussy, she shivered then i inserted my two fingers in her cunt and was giving her an unforgettable experience at the same time I was sucking her boobs, she had a grasp on my dick. It lasted for 10 mins we both then took the shower and walked out of the bathroom all naked. She asked me to wait in the hall and said ”I’ll get something to eat and drink” after a while she walked naked with two Heineken and sat on the dining table spreading her legs and said ” your meal is ready” I opened one bottle took some drink and went toward her pussy it was the one i always desired of I started to plant kisses on her pussy then i was sucking her lips biting her clit often, smooching her asshole and finally fucking pussy with tongue it tasted like vinegar and salty but still i was enjoying and moaning ”aaahhhh aaahhhh yeeesss suck me more aaaahhhh aaahhhh yeaahhh” then she had an orgasm i drank it and said ” the content of salt is too much ” we both started laughing then I kissed her navel i went toward her boobs now i was sucking her nipple circling areola with my tongue.

I alternatively did this on both the boobs and then i headed toward her glowing shaved armpits it started smooching it she loved it then finally I French kissed her lying above her on the dining table we sucked each other’s mouth exchanged saliva brushing teeth with our tongue and i broke it after 15mins and said ” let’s have some drink” she stood up from the dining table and came down it was full of our juices. We stared at each other and started laughing the we both sat on the couch I was in the corner with one right leg on floor and left straight on couch she sat in front of me resting her back on my chest her one hand was on my thighs and drink in other hand and i was gently caressing her boobs with one hand and holding the bottle in other. For more fun i kept the chilled bottle of beer on her hot cunt. She started to moan, I started squeezing her boobs more strongly she kept her bottle aside and turned towards me i bit her nose. She said ”too much of teasing is not good for yours” I replied by inserting the top of bottle little in her cunt.

I poured a little beer on vagina. Now finally it was the show time, i licked the beer, she immediately stood up and landed on floor I was sitting on the couch with legs spread apart she took me tool in her mouth sucked my ball and bit once on my tool. Now my driller was ready to dig up her cunt. She laid on the floor with her boobs upward and legs apart and said ”please fill up my pussy now please fuck me” I kept my tool at the entrance and gave a lil push, half of my tool went inside as it was too wet in there, second shot I gave with my full power she screamed ”ahh” now I started exploring her sexy cunt with my tool slowly. In the start I was a bit slow, after a while I gained up some speed and started giving more swift and power shots. I was about to cum she said she want it inside, I filled up her pussy with my hot juices. The first session was for 15 minutes. I laid on her itself squeezing her boobs with my chest, my tool inside her and we both kissing each other passionately. Within a while again my tool was ready to satisfy her but now i wanted it to be wilder.

She turned into doggy style, I took my bottle of beer drank all of it and inserted the bottle in her vagina; she was enjoying every tip of it. Now I started to explore her asshole with my finger I inserted one and she cried a bit i said sorry but she replied ”tears of joy, I want more” I smiled and tried to insert my two fingers in her ass it was too tight but finally I was inside. By this time she screamed and cried in pain. Both of her bottom holes were busy getting fucked one with bottle and one with my fingers. Now I applied some oil on my tool and poured a bit in her ass too and slowly started to enter her ass. It wasn’t easy at all; she stretched a bit with her finger now one quarter of my tool was welcomed. I pushed it with all my strength now more than half was inside.

She screamed as if I have stabbed her and tears falling out. I felt a bit bad but it was all part of love making. Now again i gave a hard push this time my complete tool was inside. I kept it there for a while and was squeezing her boobs from back. She was in pain of pleasure. I started stroking slowly when I felt smooth i gained up speed and now was stroking her ass with full swift. Slowly her pain vanished. She said asked me to wait. Now she took the bottle and inserted in her vagina and asked me to fuck her again. This was a great view. I fucked her for almost 20minutes and finally came inside her ass and lay on the couch. She was laying on the floor itself with both her holes filled up with my juices.

We both looked at it each other and smiled. I helped her to get up and hugged her tightly. She gave me a tighter hug and cried on my shoulder whispering ” I can never payback the love you gave to me thank you” I replied ”it can be paid if you never thank me again for this” she was still crying. Finally I consoled her. We both looked at the room, the couch; the floor and the dining table were all sticky full of our love juices. We went back to bed within half an hour and had more three sessions till the morning. Now we have been in relationship since last Diwali. We do love making almost every time she gets a free time from work. She loves me a lot. This was my first experience with stranger I hope you liked it.

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Mature lonely Lady From Pune

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