On A Rainy Night With My Elder Sister HOT!

Hello everyone!  I live in Bangalore. I’m 19 years old. I’m currently doing my 2nd year of college. The story I’m about to you tell you happened 3 months ago. This is a real story; you’ll believe it once I start explaining.

Let me explain about myself first. I’m 6′ feet tall, slim, have broad shoulders and 6 inch rock hard cock. This incident happened between my elder sister and me. She is 6 years older than me. Let me explain about her. She is very fair, 5’10 feet tall with a size of 36-30-36. She is a little chubby. We are a modern family. My parents stay in my native. My sister got a job in Bangalore and she stayed as a paying guest for two years. When I joined college in Bangalore, we decided we could stay together.

During our childhood we were like every brother and sister, fighting, playing. In this story I almost fucked my sister, yes almost! So people can leave if you’re not interested. To explain this incident I need to explain you few other incidents first.

 During my high school, my sister was studying her undergraduate in my native. During that time I came to know all about sex and I was not able to be free with my sister. My sister is usually so close to me. She used to hug me every now and then. Whenever she was with me, she will brush her boobs on my shoulder or somewhere else. Till my high school I didn’t notice this but after entering into college, I started getting excited. I stared grazing my sis’s boobs and ass whenever possible and she too didn’t mind that.

One day I and my sis visited a temple near our house and it was a lot crowded on that day. We entered the temple and few auspicious places were a lot crowded. People come to temple to molest ladies and girls in the place where I’m from (I too used to do it). On that specific day my sis was also one of the victims. People started touching her at crowded places, my sis got really annoyed and it benefited me. She came so close to me such that my cock was touching her ass all the time. I almost tried to control my hard on but couldn’t. She must have felt it too but she didn’t move away. And I also touched my sis’s boobs few times in the crowd. It was the softest thing I ever touched in my life. I masturbated again and again that day. I started finding opportunities to touch my sister from then.

My father bought me a bike during my high school. During my sister’s third year sem holidays she asked me to teach her how to ride gear bikes. I was more than happy to teach her, I said yes. We went to an empty ground near my house and there were no one around. I explained her everything about gear bikes like how to shift gears, etc. Then I told her to climb the bike, she did. I told “OK now try to release the clutch” she told me to get on the bike behind her. I told her doubles in a two Wheeler was tougher during learning stage but she was reluctant and I climbed on the back of her. Oh my god! That was the best experience. I had my hands at her waist. I grazed her boobs whenever she switched off the bike. Eventually she learned how to keep the Engine running and started driving in road, but she did not have steering control and I brought my hands near the steering handle bar. My god, my dick was almost into her ass. I too got a lot of cleavage during this time.

After these incidents, she got placed in college and left for Bangalore. I was frustrated for a long time. Then I planned my college life and selected a college in Bangalore. I moved in with my sister.

We had two bedrooms and each of us sleep alone in their room. I started enjoying cleavages and occasional grazing of my sis’s boobs and ass. During the rainy season in Bangalore, lightning and thunderstorm are a lot common. Rainy season started a week ago and it was raining so badly with thunders. One day my sis came to my room and said “bro, I have not slept for the past one week because of thunders, can I sleep here tonight” I told yes immediately. Since it was very cold on the floor, we decided to sleep together in my bed. She slept with hugging me and she fell asleep immediately, but I couldn’t. As she was hugging me so closely, I wasn’t able to move my hands without touching her boobs. I moved my hand twice or thrice intentionally to rub her boobs. Then I slid a little lower in my bed such that my face was directly opposite to her boobs. I lay like this for ten minutes, and then she herself came closer to me such that her boobs hit me in the face. It was the time of my lifetime. I licked her soft boobs few times. I put my hand against her back and slowly slid it into her tops. I found her bra there. I had an urge to unbutton it, but decided against it.

I was too horny at that time; I wanted to grab such a big ass. I put my hand in her ass, it was so soft and sexy. But I wanted to rub it or grab it. So I rubbed it, she woke up immediately, I was really afraid but I managed to rub my ass too. She thought I rubbed her ass mistakenly instead of mine due to mosquito bites. I waited the next half an hour to be sure that she had give to deep sleep. She was facing the fan at this time and there was lot of space between us, I opened my palm and placed it in between us (I knew she would turn and sleep facing the bed). She did the same exact thing, now my hand was stuck at her breast as she was facing towards the bed. I enjoyed her boobs a lot and I removed it my hands once she changed her position. Now she was facing away from me.

I went near her and touched her ass with my dick, I rubbed a little. She looked like she would wake so I stopped. Now I opened my palm and kept it between us, she turned again facing the fan my hand was stuck with her ass. I rubbed it for sometime and masturbated when she faced away from me. This repeated for the next whole week. This is just the beginning. I’ve had a lot of soft-core experiences with a lot of my family members. If you like it let me know let me know I will share every hiring evidence with you guys.

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