Sister Sat On My Lap In Car HOT!

My name is Sometime; am average height boy of 5’8. I’m fair looking and studying my B.Tech. This story is about how I enjoyed with my cousin while traveling to marriage function. Coming to the story, all our family members are planned to go to our relative marriage in car. Car is of luxury type but there are more persons than the seats. So some people have to sit on others lap for no other option. As I am the youngest of my family, everybody is interest to talk with me; my cousin asked may I sit on your lap. I said sure sister u can. Her name is Kala, age is 5 years elder than me. She came and sat on my lap. I wore cotton Jean and she wore sari.

Car started I had no bad intentions but during her sit without my knowledge my dick becomes hard. During the jumpiness on the road she is moving on my lap up and down touching her back to my dick. I don’t know what to do. I am getting very Horny by the moves. She completely sat on my dick, she is married, I think she know what is going on. I don’t know what to do, so I was leaning backward to my seat and sleeping.

Meanwhile my sis adjusting her sari under her back and unfortunately her fingers touched my dick, but she didn’t have any reactions. I kept my hands on her lap and sleeping, no other option for me to keep my hands there as the car is tightly packed. She didn’t said anything while jumpiness on the road my hand touching to her boobs. In the journey I hugged my sis very tightly as it is very cool inside because of ac, while hugging my hands crushed her boobs and my dick touched her ass. As I am younger in my family, she didn’t say anything and the journey was going. I enjoyed that feel. After reaching the marriage spot, we took a room and freshen up and went to marriage. At night 12 we all came back to room and sleeping. I slept beside my sis.

I changed my dress to shorts and t-shirt. She didn’t change the sari, I kept my hand on her stomach while sleeping, all other are sleeping, and room is very dark now. Her stomach is very warm. Her stomach is so nice, getting bad intentions in my mind about her. Getting fear for what she may think. I am about to keep my hand on her boob, she turned to my side and boobs are touched to my hands. I didn’t move. Unfortunately her hand touched my dick; I pressed my dick to her hands as I am in sleeping. She didn’t move I think she is in deep sleep. I really enjoyed her touch.

Morning again we started journey to our house in a car. Now I am in cotton shorts without underwear. She changed her dress to leggings and white color t-shirt. In that her boobs are looking very huge. As usual she sat on my lap, this time little bit different situation. We were in diff dresses. She is rubbing my dick with her ass unknowingly while talking with others. I kept my hands near her side thighs and found she too didn’t wear under wear. I am getting very excited. I am in a feeling that as I am touching her ass barely. My dick increased its size. As I seared cotton shorts, my dick can be very clearly felt by my sis. Friends it’s amazing that now my dick gone between her thighs, as she too seared cotton leggings, I thought it is not the thighs, I touched her cunt. Went little inside, as we wear clothes it is not properly inserted.

While jumpiness in the road created that as am fucking her, I think my sis enjoying this. We sat near to window; my right hand is not visible to anyone, kept my hand on her sides of right boob. She noticed that and she leaned towards the window as a result my hand crushed to her right boob, I got a green signal. I inserted my hand under her white cotton type banyan cloth, no one is noticing us. She didn’t wear any bra but banyan type cloth is there inside. My hands gone through the banyan touched her bare boobs, feeling was super. She played for some time and now she is rubbing her ass on my dick intentionally. She said your dick is very hard, your wife is so lucky to handle that.

I laughed with shy; she asked her mother to give her a blanket as it is very cold, she took a blanket and covered herself from shoulder to legs. Meanwhile I my lower was also covered. Now our lowers are no visible to others. Now she kept her hand below and took my dick outside. And she lowered her leggings now she sat barely on my bare lap. Already her cunt is wet; due to car moving my dick went inside her cunt and it is very warm there. I released my cum in her. We both enjoyed the journey. We pack up properly after the fuck session. She said I love your lap. Thank u I said. Really it was my sweet memory and my first fuck. Thank u friends for your patience for reading this.

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